Postdoctoral researcher


Postdoctoral researcher position. Interdisciplinary analysis of shape-shifting RNAs interacting with small molecule ligands.

Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Protein Engineering at the IIMCB, headed by Prof. J.M. Bujnicki, offers a position for a Postdoctoral Researcher motivated to develop a career in an interdisciplinary and international team.

Deadline: 9/10/2020
. The position is available to be filled as soon as possible (1/11/2020 at the earliest).

As a postdoctoral researcher, you will be involved in interdisciplinary experimental analyses of RNA structure and RNA-ligand interactions. The proposed research project is focused on biochemical and biophysical analyses of RNA molecules and their complexes with small molecule ligands, in particular riboswitches and viral RNAs that are potential drug targets. 

We are using X-ray crystallography, SAXS, and cryoEM to determine RNA structures, and we are developing new approaches for structure determination with the combined use of experimental methods and computational modeling. We are now looking for a postdoctoral researcher with expertise in biophysical, biochemical and biological chemistry methods, to strengthen our studies in the area of RNA-ligand interactions. We encourage applications from candidates at any stage of their post-doctoral career, in particular from those interested in submitting their own fellowship/grant applications and in training towards scientific independence.

This position is ideal for you if you have solid experience in experimental analyses of RNA structure and RNA-ligand interactions, and if you wish to learn new techniques of integrative structural biology, including experimental research and computational modeling. You are expected to have a strong publication record, including at least one first-author publication in a very good international peer-reviewed journal. You are expected to take a lead and apply for fellowship/grant funding within the first year of your employment, with a project that combines the initial research area with your own ideas. We are particularly looking for candidates interested in the gradual development towards scientific independence (next stage: junior group leader elsewhere). The work will be carried out in collaboration with other group members, so we need a person who likes teamwork and knows how to synergize.

We offer:

  • Full-time contract (“umowa o pracę”), guaranteed for at least one year, with a possible extension depending on performance 

  • Salary starting at ~7600 PLN/month of total gross remuneration, expected initial net salary at ~6000 PLN/month, with social security. Additional 13th salary after working a minimum of six months in a given calendar year

  • Benefits including reduced rate for an individual medical care package and membership in the MultiSport program

  • Participation in courses, scientific training, support from peers, and academic mentoring

  • Administrative and organizational support from professional English-speaking personnel 

  • Position with 100% focus on research (no teaching obligations)

  • Appointment available as soon as possible

We require:

  • Ph.D. in biology, chemistry, physics or related area

  • Documented extensive experience in biochemical/biophysical analyses of RNA structure and small molecule-macromolecule interactions, including at least one (and preferably most) of the following techniques: 1) RNA structure analysis by chemical or enzymatic probing, 2) analyses of macromolecular structure and dynamics, and macromolecule-ligand interactions by spectroscopic techniques and calorimetry, 3) macromolecular crystallization and X-ray crystallography, 4) atomic force microscopy of proteins and/or nucleic acids

  • Expertise and competence in designing and carrying out scientific experiments and in interpreting their results

  • Experience in writing manuscripts for publication, and fellowship or grant proposals

  • Proactive approach to achieving objectives, good interpersonal skills, collaborative and adaptive attitude

  • Very good organizational skills, especially project and time management skills

  • Very good command of English (written and oral communication)

Priority will be given to candidates with expertise most relevant to the project and to our laboratory, who are familiar with our work and who can convincingly explain why their expertise is a good fit for our requirements. The Postdoctoral Researcher will be selected from candidates in an open competition, according to the procedure complying with the rules of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers as a part of HR Excellence in Research strategy.

How to apply: