Ph.D. studentship

Laboratorium Bioinformatyki i Inżynierii Białka

We offer a Ph.D. student position in a grant project funded by the FNP.

The focus of the work: structure determination for RNA-ligand complexes.

Methods: crystallography, biochemistry, biophysics of RNA, with elements of computational data analysis and structure modeling.

The project focuses on studying RNA-ligand interactions with experimental and theoretical methods. We study the basic mechanism of action of RNAs known to be regulated by small molecules and we aim to develop novel inhibitors for RNAs from bacterial and viral pathogens.

You will work in an interdisciplinary team, in one of the top-ranked research institutes in Poland. We offer various opportunities including experimental analyses of RNA and the structure determination using structural biology methods, and their combination with advanced computational modeling. You will have access to modern equipment and support from other experienced researchers. The project provides opportunities for extensive interdisciplinary collaborations within the team and in the institute (e.g. with software developers, molecular modelers, and experimentalists), as well as international collaborations with academia and industry. You will have many chances to make your collaborative research a success and you will be expected to present your results at scientific conferences and co-authorize scientific publications. Your results will be expected to become the basis of your Ph.D. thesis.

Requirements: MSc in biochemistry, structural biology, molecular biology or related discipline; eligibility for Ph.D. studies in Poland; documented experience in structural or biochemical analyses of biomacromolecules; ability to work as a member of a team;

Stipend: 3500 PLN of full stipend cost. qr_bioinfo_job.JPG

Fellowship starts on 1 January 2018. Funding guaranteed
for 3 academic years, possible extension beyond this project.

Application deadline: 24 November 2017. Selected top candidates will be invited for an interview
on 7-8 December 2017.

For more details about positions in our team  please visit our website:

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